We have worked hard to make it easy to manage.

Since 1991 we have been with you with DOS accounting software.

IdealSystem is developing ERP software ( Enterprise Resource Planing Software ) for stores, commercial companies, manufacturing companies and government organizations since 1991.

Simplicity and ease of use along with rich features have always been our first priority in designing software.

IdealSystem has two series of products that is Ideal and Napal. They have been designed for different targets and market scales.

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نرم افزار حسابداری ناپال
نرم افزار جامع حسابداری و مالی - ناپال-ایده آل

Napal Service Software

Parallel Cost Accounts
Treasury & Cash Flow Managment

Napal School Software

Parallel Cost Accounts
Treasury & Cash Flow Management
Services & Warehousing

Napal Trading Software

Parallel Cost Accounts
Treasury & Cash Flow Management
purchasing & sell

Napal Shopping Software

purchasing & sell
Check system
Simple accounting

Simultaneous User
Years of work experience
Software System
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Ideal Contractor Software

Treasury and cash control

Ideal Chain stores Software

Ideal Manufacturing Software

Accounting / Treasury
/Buy and Sell / Commercial Warehousing / Warehousing
Manufacturing & CGOM

Ideal Publishing Software

Ideal Trading Software

Treasury and cash control/Accounting
Buying and selling software
Commercial Warehousing
Marketing software

Ideal Software for municipalities

Ideal Enterprise Software

Includes all of the Ideal System company's software modules is unlimited in terms of user and company.

Accounting Software

√ Seven Account Layers
√ Multiple Parallel Cost Accounts

WorkFlow Management

√ Define Custom Forms
√ Form's Relations Custom App

Supply Chain Management Software

√ Control goods flow
√ Manage Movement & Storage Of Raw Materials

Distribution & Warehousing

√ Warehouse Auditing
√ Multi-Warehouse software
√ Accelerated Distribution Software


√ Logistics Outsourcing App
√ Transportation Management software
√ Custom software development

Profit & Investment Centre Accounting Software

√ Manipulate ROI & Profits
For Management Analysis

Multi Currency

√ Multi Currency Accounting Software
√ Multi Currency Sales And Purchase App

Inventory Management App

√ Multiple Warehouse Management
√ Multiple Item Units

manufacturing Software

√ Bill Of Materials
√ Cost Centres
√ Accounting Software Interconnection App


√ Commission Calculation Software
√ Parallel Commissions On Same Invoice

Fixed Asset Custom App

√ Different Depreciation Methods
√ Asset Accounting software

Service Management Software

√ Service offerings positioning
√ Spare Part Management


√ Bill Of Material
√ Customized Software for
Cost Of Goods Manufactured

Multi Department Software

√ Separated Report Based On Departments And Company
√ Separate Accounting, Invoicing ,etc

Marketing & sales Management Software

√ Different Taxations
√ Customizable Invoicing
√ Jobs & Project


Business Inteligence

√ 3500 Analytical Reports
√ Analytical Gauges & Graphs
√ Custom Software Development

Treasury App

√ Account Receivable Software
√ Account Payable Software

procurement & Purchasing Software

√ E-Procurement
√ Biding

Pareto Profitability Analysis App

√ Grouped By Products, Customers,
Locations, Channels & transactions

Cost Center Accounting Software

√ Cost Identification, Aggregation and assigning
√ Cost Center Management Reports

Multi Company

√ Unlimited Company
√ Separate And Aggregated Rep

CRM Software

(Customer Relationship Management)

√ Prospect Management
√ Connection To Sales


Human Resource Management Software

√ Employee Management
√ Payroll Interconnection App
√ Custom App Development

Payroll Software

√ Accurate Payroll Calculation
√ Manage Time Attendance

Cash Flow Management

√ Cash Flow Analysis App
√ Business Financial softwa

Custom Report Designer Software

√ Customize Multiple Layouts Per Report
Easily by Users With No Programming Knowledge

Activity Based Accounting

√ Tracing Costs
√ Automated Activity-based
Costing Accounting Software

Multi Lingual Software

√ Multi Language For Different Operators
√ Customized Separate Reports

Customer is the basis for judging the quality of products and the value of the company. Since 1991, Ideal Systems has been recognized as a professional software company. At the same time, for the benefit of users, the implementation of custom software, as well as set up and update information, network installation services and hardware specialized systems.

Ideal and Napal Software have been developed in a variety of models that each company or organization can use to use one of their own needs.